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About Us

This couch was the first “office” of E&R Sales, born in Harry & Lois Gellis’ living room, back in 1986. Harry handled sales and Lois handled everything else. Their daughters, Elissa and Randi, would come home from school each day and inflate 9″ mini balloons for grocery accounts while sitting on this very couch.

Back then, E&R Sales was opened 4 days a week and closed at 3pm each day so Lois could tend to the family. Now, more than 35 years later, E&R Sales operates out of a former supermarket in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Elissa took over as the team’s “Head Coach” when Harry retired.

Thanks to a dedicated team with decades of combined industry expertise, E&R Sales gratefully serves thousands of satisfied customers, offering more than 2000 items in the balloon, pen, and novelty trend categories; and continues to ship same day with only a $50 minimum order.

Enjoying our niche serving the gift, floral, hospital, and grocery markets, we take pride in providing the best in service and product to our customers. We have decorators and twisters covered too as we are a Full Line Distributor of Betallatex Latex!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Our customer service department is open Monday – Friday (9am-5pm EST) and can be reached at 804-744-8000 / Shop online anytime!

Meet the Team

 Amberly - Warehouse Wonder

Amberly – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Loves gardening.
  2. Enjoys spending time with her horses.
  3. Fav beach is Topsail.
 Becca - Graphics Goddess

Becca – Graphics Goddess

  1. May I work from the beach?
  2. Believes salt water cures all; tears, sweat, & sea.
  3. Swam with sharks on honeymoon.
 Beth F. - Warehouse Wonder

Beth F. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Same B-day as daughter.
  2. Grew up in Midlothian, Maryland.
  3. Loves anything beach.
 Brandon S. - Warehouse Wonder

Brandon S. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Picks orders in between college classes.
  2. Likes video games.
  3. Eagle Scout.
 Brittney - Candy Gift Guru

Brittney – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Married Mom of 2.
  2. Loves all things “true crime.”
  3. Disney World addict.
 Cathie – Warehouse Wonder

Cathie – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Rode in a hot air balloon.
  2. Drove a school bus… for 15 miles; it was not pretty.
  3. Repoed a car while working at a car dealership.
 Chad – Outstanding Op

Chad – Outstanding Op

  1. Has traveled to over 20 different countries.
  2. Moved to VA after living in New York for 35 years.
  3. Fav holiday is Thanksgiving.
 Colette – AR Ace

Colette – AR Ace

  1. 100% Lebanese who loves to cook.
  2. Married for 35 years.
  3. Has 3 kids that attended Virginia Tech at the same time!
 Debbie C. - A+ Accountant

Debbie C. – A+ Accountant

  1. Fav vaca spot – New Smyrna Beach.
  2. Home is ruled by a beautiful miniature dachshund.
  3. Loves flower arranging & has been in garden club over 20 years.
 Debbie M. - Customer Service Superhero

Debbie M. – Customer Service Superhero

  1. Loves taking long nature walks with her miniature pinscher.
  2. A foodie that loves a good glass of wine.
  3. Will find any excuse to travel, especially where it’s warm.
 Denise M. – Warehouse Wonder

Denise M. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Loves the Muppets!
  2. Enjoys wild life documentaries.
  3. Special needs community advocate.
 Donna C. – Warehouse Wonder

Donna C. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Native of Kenosha, WI.
  2. Lifelong Cheesehead – Go Green Bay!
  3. Likes to vacation in the Outer Banks, NC.
 Donna D. – Candy Gift Guru

Donna D. – Candy Gift Guru

  1. New York Yankees fan!
  2. Helper of all animals.
  3. Motorcycle enthusiast.
 Doris – Warehouse Wonder

Doris – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Married to a college Hall of Famer.
  2. Listens to music & dances while cooking.
  3. Drove cross country twice.
 Elaine – Candy Gift Guru

Elaine – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Proud Grandmother.
  2. Tom Brady fan.
  3. Loves gardening & playing in the dirt.
 Elissa - CEO / Head Coach

Elissa – CEO / Head Coach

  1. Not a good cook, but a great hostess.
  2. Loves her sweet rescue dog.
  3. Always picks the chocolate dessert. Always!
 Elizabeth – Warehouse Wonder

Elizabeth – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Entire family are swimmers.
  2. Enjoys reading.
  3. Loves her little dog.
 Jackie - Warehouse Wonder

Jackie – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Football, baseball, & basketball Mom to 2 active boys.
  2. From Charleston, SC. Go Gamecocks!
  3. Obsessed with farmhouse decor!
 Jean – Candy Gift Guru

Jean – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Proud Grammy to 2 awesome grandsons.
  2. Loves to read.
  3. Virginia Tech Superfan – GO HOKIES!
 Jennifer B. - Sales Coordinator Sensation

Jennifer B. – Sales Coordinator Sensation

  1. Loves hanging out on her boat, especially in Northern Michigan.
  2. Head cheerleader & Mom to a softball player & swimmer.
  3. Has lived in 8 states!
 Jessica C.– Candy Gift Guru

Jessica C.– Candy Gift Guru

  1. Married high school sweetheart & now has 4 kids.
  2. Would love to live on a farm with ALL the animals.
  3. Cheerleading coach for 5-7 year olds.
 Kala – Warehouse Wonder

Kala – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Mom of 2 girls.
  2. Loves the beach.
  3. Enjoys working at E&R Sales.
 Karen - Website Wiz

Karen – Website Wiz

  1. Sounds like Aretha… when singing in the car… alone.
  2. Pro coffee drinker.
  3. Hoping to win the HGTV Dream Home.
 Kellie – Warehouse Wonder

Kellie – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Loves Disney!
  2. Enjoys skiing.
  3. Has 3 daughters & granddaughters.
 Leah – Warehouse Wonder

Leah – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Has 4 children & a dog.
  2. Published 4 books on
  3. Moved to Baton Rouge & within 10 months, came back to VA.
 Leandra – Customer Service Superhero

Leandra – Customer Service Superhero

  1. Loves to travel & hike.
  2. Likes flower gardening.
  3. Fav holiday is Christmas.
 Linda – Candy Gift Guru

Linda – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Proud Mom of 3 wonderful kids & 6 grandkids.
  2. Loves baseball.
  3. Loves Maryland Blue Crabs.
 Lisa I. - Purchasing Powerhouse

Lisa I. – Purchasing Powerhouse

  1. Proud baseball Mom.
  2. Mom of 2 fantastic sons.
  3. Fav saying, “Eat Mor Chikin!”
 Mandy – Candy Gift Guru

Mandy – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Iowa girl!
  2. Taco connoisseur.
  3. Likes to travel.
 Michelle M. - Warehouse Wonder

Michelle M. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. 2nd home is in Surf City, NC (Topsail Island).
  2. Was in a band that performed in many countries.
  3. Animal lover & advocate; the fluffy & cute to the slithery & multi-legged.
 Michelle P. - Customer Service Superhero

Michelle P. – Customer Service Superhero

  1. Adores her rescue pup.
  2. Can’t live without coffee, chocolate, & wine.
  3. Fav vacation – tent camping during an African Safari.
 Nicole – Candy Gift Guru

Nicole – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Loves succulants but can’t keep them alive.
  2. An LPN who also loves working at E&R Sales for the flexibility & family friendly atmosphere.
  3. Met husband in the 9th grade.
 Patty – Warehouse Wonder

Patty – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Loves Jesus.
  2. Loves family.
  3. Loves to dance.
 Rose – Warehouse Wonder

Rose – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Thinks cooked mushrooms look like slugs.
  2. Likes Long Island iced tea.
  3. Holds driving licences from 3 different countries.
 Ryan – Candy Gift Guru

Ryan – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Has a PEZ collection of over 900 dispenser.
  2. Can twist a balloon dog with 1 hand.
  3. Nicknamed “Sprinkle Fun” at a previous job.
 Sandra - Warehouse Wonder

Sandra – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Has a deep love for classic rock.
  2. Avid collector of purses; the bigger the better.
  3. Went deer hunting – once.
 Sarah L. - Warehouse Wonder

Sarah L. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Ran a 10k – once.
  2. Loves being a Mom to 2 girls.
  3. Has never been on a cruise, but would ditch those 2 girls in a heartbeat if invited on one.
 Sharon R. - Purchasing Powerhouse

Sharon R. – Purchasing Powerhouse

  1. Loves making jewelry.
  2. University of Tennessee fan. Go VOLS!
  3. Enjoys gardening.
 Sharon T. – Candy Gift Guru

Sharon T. – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Fav place – NYC.
  2. Likes the book & musical Les Miserable by Victor Hugo, but not the movie.
  3. Huge Alfie Boe fan.
 Shirley – Warehouse Wonder

Shirley – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Grandbabies have stolen her heart.
  2. Nature lover.
  3. Artisan organic soap maker.
 Stephanie - Warehouse Wonder

Stephanie – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Momma to 5 amazing kids.
  2. Originally from Arizona.
  3. Loves anything chocolate, pink, & sparkly.
 Sue - Candy Gift Guru

Sue – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Prefers eating out to cooking.
  2. Enjoys reading – mostly non-fiction.
  3. Loves to travel to far away place.
 Susan S. - AR Ace

Susan S. – AR Ace

  1. Loves to watch a sunrise or sunset, especially at the beach.
  2. Takes her dog on nature trail hikes.
  3. Enjoys her granddaughter’s company.
 Teresa P. – Candy Gift Guru

Teresa P. – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Attended the ceremonial start of the Iditarod when lived in AK.
  2. Has 4 children & 1 foster grandchild that brings such joy!
  3. Loves watching football – GO COWBOYS!
 Teresa T. - Customer Service Superhero

Teresa T. – Customer Service Superhero

  1. LOVES all things fall – pumpkin spice included.
  2. Proud Mom of the 2 coolest kids around.
  3. Hails from under the Gateway Arch in the Show Me state.
 Tracy A. - Customer Service Superhero

Tracy A. – Customer Service Superhero

  1. Wishes it was “flip flop season” all year long.
  2. Has Natitude! Big Washington Nationals fan.
  3. Loves to “trash” friends’ yards on special occasions.
 Tracy C. – Candy Gift Guru

Tracy C. – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Mom to an amazing daughter & student-athlete.
  2. Loves watching a “Golden Girls” marathon.
  3. Lives by the saying “Everything happens for a reason”.
 Addison – Warehouse Wonder

Addison – Warehouse Wonder

  1. 3 fun facts
  2. are on
  3. the way
 Ashunti – Warehouse Wonder

Ashunti – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Pontoon boat captain.
  2. Speaks Korean & Spanish.
  3. Has watched over 100 different animes.
 Colleen – Warehouse Wonder

Colleen – Warehouse Wonder

  1. 3 fun facts
  2. are on
  3. the way
 Elisha – Warehouse Wonder

Elisha – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Has a green thumb.
  2. Enjoys cooking.
  3. Buxton Beach bum.
 Jessica – Warehouse Wonder

Jessica – Warehouse Wonder

  1. 3 fun facts
  2. are on
  3. the way
 Melissa – Warehouse Wonder

Melissa – Warehouse Wonder

  1. 3 fun facts
  2. are on
  3. the way
 Nikki – Candy Gift Guru

Nikki – Candy Gift Guru

  1. Dreams of being a modern day homesteader.
  2. Loves gardening & canning.
  3. Introvert who likes to shop & drink coffee alone.
 Sarah K. – Warehouse Wonder

Sarah K. – Warehouse Wonder

  1. Loves music.
  2. Likes horror movies.
  3. Fav season is fall.

Welcome Retailers!

Get more from your in-store balloon program! E&R Sales is a trusted solution-oriented partner and reliable national distributor of balloons and balloon accessories. We will make your store successful with balloon sales.

Customized wholesale balloon programs are what we do! We provide expert retail product planning, merchandising consultation, as well as a customizable line of quality balloons and related novelty products.

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